92|365 Cuckoo (4/6/11)

Our neighbor’s father is visiting and has a common interest with Keith, World War II.  So, Keith gathered photos of our trip to France, Germany & Belgium in 2000 and headed next door to visit.  As I walked into our dining room I noted the time on our cuckoo clock and paused as I, too, remembered our first trip to Europe.

Before we went to Europe Keith and I agreed to buy, among other things, an extravagant cuckoo clock.  My grandparents had a cuckoo clock and I found the tick tock of the pendulum and the cuckoo sound reassuring.  So, while we were in Bacharach, Germany we shopped at Phil Jost and found the clock we wanted and shipped it back home.  It doesn’t keep the best time but it’s a conversation piece and kids are fascinated by the cuckoo.  We enjoy advancing the clock so kids can see and hear the cuckoo many times.


In 2010 we made our second trip to Europe and shopped in the same store in Bacharach.  Still, today our cuckoo clock is one of the best souvenirs I’ve ever bought.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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