86|365 Let Me Rephrase It (3/31/11)

Once we felt comfortable that my mother-in-law’s surgery went well and she was okay, we headed home.  By then it was dinner time and we decided to eat at a Chinese buffet.  I always open my fortune cookie, eat at least a portion of it and read my fortune that’s tucked inside.  Tonight mine said “Life is a series of choices.  Today yours are good ones.”


It’s interesting, to me, to really think about the individual words within sentences and what each brings to the overall meaning.  Sometimes I like to dissect the sentences in order to understand the meanings in new ways.  So, with my fortune tonight I read the first word only and contemplated that.  Then I added the next word and absorbed what that phrase might mean.  Each time I added the next word in the sentence and each time I reflected on the change that the new word presented to the meaning. Try it, see what you think.

Life Is.
Life is A.
Life is a Series.
Life is a series of.
Life is a series of Choices.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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