85|365 The Epitome of a Treasure (3/30/11)


As I pulled open our junk drawer tonight I remembered my favorite spot in my Grammy’s house was a drawer in her kitchen.  It was full of just about anything you could imagine, or so it seemed.  To redirect my playing there, Grammy filled another drawer in the kitchen and told me that it was ‘my’ drawer.  Every time I visited her something new was in the drawer for me.  It may have been new crayons, Wooly Willy, a coin purse with pennies in it, or an old apron.  It didn’t matter, it was a treasure!  My Grammy was a treasure and today would have been her 97th birthday.

Here’s a peek into the junk drawer in my house.  While it doesn’t seem like it has any treasure in it, it did provide me impetus for a momentary diversion in which I found a website for kids to write an instant List Poem.

What’s in our junk drawer
number 9 candle with a spent wick
tools galore
gold beaded chain connectors
wolf performance ammunition
fabric with flowers
earplugs that are yellow
batteries that are energizers

You can’t have everything.  Where would you put it? ~Steven Wright


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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