80|365 Two Drops In Time (3/25/11)

Wednesday when I reached for my necklace I couldn’t find it in my jewelry box or anywhere.  It is not like me to misplace things and I tried to recall my steps especially because this necklace is special.  Keith and I bought matching topaz drops on our 20th wedding anniversary in 2009.

I remembered that I put my necklace into my pant’s pocket for safe keeping while I had some tests run at a lab a few days earlier.  I looked in my dress pants’ pockets, I looked in the laundry, I looked everywhere I could think of but nothing.  I called the lab, they didn’t have it.  When I told Keith I couldn’t find it, he said “oh well, we’ll buy something else on our next anniversary.”  Later, Keith looked in the washing machine’s P trap but it wasn’t there.

By Thursday evening Keith was ribbing me about losing the necklace.  Something I knew I’d be dealing with for years.


As I was driving to work this morning thinking how much I like wearing jeans on casual day, I remembered that I went to the lab on Friday.  That meant that I hadn’t worn my dress pants, I’d worn jeans to work.  I stuck my hand in my right pocket and felt to the left and then to the right.  There it was all bunched up in my pocket!  Immediately, I phoned Keith to tell him the news to which he replied “I knew you loved me.”

When I got to work a co-worker asked if I found my necklace and I replied that I did just this morning.  He then told me that he prayed about it asking God to help me find it.

I’m truly blessed with caring co-workers, a wonderful husband and, of course, my topaz necklace.  We bought these drops for one another and hope one day to pass them on to our son and daughter.  I know it’s just a material thing and it’s really minor in the scheme of things but I really am glad I found it.


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