78|365 Today Is OK Day, K? (3/23/11)

As a child I was miserably shy and each time one of my school teachers would say ‘OK’, my heart raced and my fair-skinned face would turn beet red.  That’s because all I heard was ‘Kay’, which is my name, and I thought they were calling on me.  As the years went on I learned to ignore some of the times when they said OK.  Unfortunately, this lead to a different problem of me not responding when the teacher was actually calling on me and then they would be upset that I wasn’t listening.

So, when I read that today is the first annual OK Day, a day to celebrate the invention of the word OK, I had to learn more.  Its history dates back to March 23, 1839 in Boston.  If you, too, want to read more about OK click the links under ‘further reading’ below.

I rarely respond, like I did as a child, when I hear the standard pronounciation of OK, with the quiet ‘o’.  A new scenario plays out now when Keith, my husband, hears me say OK.  He replies with “Oh, Keith”.

There are so many meanings for that two-letter word.  Yet another meaning came up when I thought ‘today is A-OK’ after I noticed the sun reflecting off the glass windows onto the tops of the trees.


I used my iPhone and Instagram’s tilt-shift & lomo-fi filters for this photo.

Further Reading


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