74|365 Moonlight Tonight (3/19/11)

When we learned about the supermoon we decided to try photographing it.  My lens only zooms to 55mm so I really can’t get close up views but Keith’s goes much closer.  I tried to take photos through our telescope but the tripod just wobbled too much with all the wind.

We waited for the moon as we walked around a nearby park.  When the moon finally peaked over the little pond it’s beautiful color got my attention right away.  It quickly rose in the sky and it looked so huge, so bright, and so full.  There is something peaceful about watching the sun set and moon rise over water.


The photo I took with my camera.


The photo Keith took with his camera.

The moon is at its closest to the Earth today, March 19, which is a “Super Perigee Moon” or supermoon.  The last full moon so big and close to Earth was in March of 1993.

More of our photos as we waited and watched the moon.


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  1. It was a pleasant way to spend an evening. There was a young man and his son fishing the pond in front of us. I asked permission and took some photos of them.One of those timeless events, father and son fishing together.We have not really been to this park before but will make it out there again. Lots of ponds with twisted shoreline.


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