67|365 Simple Pleasures (3/12/11)

After spending time cleaning the Garee cemetery plot, Keith, Travis and I headed over to the Candian River Winery.  We drank some wine on their porch and then Keith and I took photos of the rows and rows of grape vines to practice for our photography class.  Soon we were hungry so we drove two businesses down from the winery at the recently opened Ballard Family Diner in Slaughterville where we had a very good southern meal at a very reasonable price.

Next, we visited with Irene, my mother-in-law, and got to see her beautiful magnolia soulangiana tree that is in bloom right now.  Irene’s mother also grew this and was sure to bring her flowers from it each year.  The pink blooms and the fuzzy new buds are quite elegant.  We sat on Irene’s back porch and the birds and squirrels chattered away as we sipped our wine and enjoyed the blooms exclaiming that spring is almost here.

It was a peaceful afternoon.


I think this image of our wine glasses with magnolia soulangiana blooms, the last drops of the chocolate merlot and Keith’s cap provide a nice image that sums up our Saturday.

A slideshow with more views of our day:


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