58|365 Spice It Up (3/3/11)

When I reached for the dill weed to put into my tuna salad, I was momentarily confused because I forgot that our spice cabinet was clean and organized now (and I didn’t do it).  I’m not the only one that has had this reaction to the spice cabinet.  This past weekend when Kelsey was home she opened the cabinet to get some seasoning and immediately stopped and looked at me.  When I told her that her Daddy did it, she asked  “was he bored or something?”  No, in fact he had been thinking about organizing them for week or so before he did it.  It took him a while to settle on what order to use.


Our cabinets have been organized two other times that I recall.  Once when we moved into the house 18 years ago and once about 8 years ago.  Both of those times I put them in alphabetical order, which Keith thinks is ridiculous.  Mostly, our spices have been organized by where ever there is an empty space. But not now, it’s in whatever order Keith chose and since he’s the primary cook, that’s just fine with me.

Now, where’s that dill?  Oh, there it is!

Photo: I practiced using the metering concepts that I learned in class yesterday.  I focused on a neutral color, then set my ISO at 1600 and got a balance on the meter.


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