53|365 Sulphur Springs (2/26/11)

We drove about an hour south to the Chickasaw National Recreational Park in Sulphur, Oklahoma today.  We spent quite a bit of time looking at the Little Niagara waterfall.  Waterfall sounds are soothing to me and as I watched the water rapidly move around the rocks and through the crevices I was mesmerized much like people get when they stare into a campfire.

One of our next stops in the park was Black Sulphur Springs.  The small pavilion there was built in 1929 and a historical marker provides some background.  Apparently, it has been a spot for swimming and picnicing since the early 1900s.  It is attractive though it smells of sulphur.  Interestingly, there is an abundance of shells there, not a too familiar sight in Oklahoma.  Among the sand there were shells laying beside flowering weeds near the waters edge.


We left this park and drove a short distance to Turner Falls following the highway that used to be the primary road to travel from Oklahoma City to Dallas.  We stopped at the Turner Falls View point and admired the large and beautiful falls.

On our way home we stopped at the Canadian River Winery in Slaughterville and bought some wines they make including: Chocolate Merlot (that comes highly recommended by a co-worker), Noble Blush, and Sangria.

The road home is right beside the Noble IOOF Cemetery so we pulled in and visited the graves of several loved ones.  Before heading back home we ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Norman.  A pleasantly paced day filled with peaceful sights.

To view our photos from today visit 2011 Sulphur & Turner Falls set on flickr.


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