52|365 Gnarly Dude (2/25/11)

On my way home from work I noticed two gnarly and fascinating trees that I have driven by hundreds of times yet never really noticed.  Today, I pulled into the driveway that runs beside the trees that leads to the staff parking lot of the church.  I rolled down my window to get a better look, got my camera out of my new bag and snapped a few photos from inside my vehicle.
It’s hard to imagine that I pass by these trees every day yet had never really ‘seen’ them.

After only a few minutes & photos a man, who was stopped at the nearby stop sign, yelled at me through his open window “I’m reporting you as a trespasser!”  I instantly turned to look in his direction and was momentarily confused.  The single car driveway where I stopped leads to a parking lot and has a sign that indicates it is for church staff and just below that sign is another faded and barely readable one that says no trespassing.  There is no way a person passing by could read that sign so that guy must be familiar with the church grounds.

Thinking about this made me recall the trespasser verison of the Lord’s Prayer and how ironic the situation seems.  I will definetly think differently about those gnarly trees and church the next time I drive by.

Of note today:  I completed our 2010 income taxes and will file them in a few days.  Kelsey is home right now catching up on some of the recorded shows.  Home is for relaxing.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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