45|365 A Remote, Show and Drink (2/18/11)

Tonight was my first time to use my new wireless remote for my camera and it was pretty easy.  It took me a little bit of time to translate the instructions, which were written in poor english, but it’s just a matter of plugging the cable in and pushing the remote button.


When I wanted to take a photo I just pushed the button as I sat in my living room with my husband and cat, watching Who Do You Think You Are (WDYTYA).  All the while I played The WDYTYA Drinking Game.  What is that?  It’s a game genealogist play as they watch WDYTYA. You take a drink or two every time certain things are said.  Read the game instructions here:  The WDYTYA Drinking Game.  Anyway, tonight’s episode was about Rosie O’Donnell’s family and I enjoyed this one a lot.  Truthfully, I’m not a big drinker and I only had one glass of wine.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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