41|365 Heart Holder (2/14/11)


Do you remember making valentine holders or mailboxes at school to put your cards in?  In February 1968 I was in 2nd grade and at school we made a decorated heart shaped folder.  I kept mine along with some of the cards I received.  Some of the cards are from the kids at school, who I no longer remember, but there’s one from my cousins, Terri & Curtis (signed by my Aunt) and another from my Grandma.

Grandma printed her note because that’s all I would have been able to read at the time.  It says:

Dear Kay Lynne,

Have a happy day and think of me.

How do you like your new school?  How far are you from school? Do you have girl friends in your new neighborhood?

I wish you could see Tonya Rena, she tries to pull herself up and she tries to set alone.  She weighs about 17 lbs now.

Well, I had better go mail this.

I love you,

Grandma Billings

We moved to Odessa, Texas in Febrary 1968 and I didn’t like anything about it.  Thankfully, we lived there a very short time and, in fact, moved in April 1968.  During that time of my life we moved a lot.  My scrapbook helped create some lasting things in my world of constant change of homes and friends.

Of note today:  Not feeling the best but am home with the one I love.

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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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