40|365 Skillet Good & Greasy (2/13/11)

Since our daughter asked for an electric skillet Keith decided to give her our’s, which is not very old, and buy a new one for us.  Today was the first day to use it and he made a savory roast with onions and carrots.  Notice the orange color!  Other than a typical day off with activities like laundry, cleaning & putzing on the internet there’s not much else of note to mention.  All in all it’s been a relaxing day.


As I was thinking about skillets I couldn’t help but remember the song Skillet Good and Greasy sung by Joe & Eddie.  My Mom used to play Joe & Eddie’s albums a lot when I was young.  This particular song dates back to early the 1900’s and Dave Mason recorded in 1924.  Then in about 1960 Bob Gibson & Bob Camp made it popular again followed by Joe & Eddie’s recording in 1965.  There are a number of versions but my favorite is Joe & Eddie’s both musically and because of the humorous references they make to censorship.

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