39|365 Meandering (2/12/11)

In the southwestern portion of Oklahoma near Lawton are the Wichita Mountains Willife Refuge, Mt. Scott & Medicine Park, all offering stunning scenery.  With our new cameras packed along with extra batteries and a tripod, Keith and I headed out for a day of exploring.  Our first stop was Ft. Sill National Cemetery where we paused to pay our respects to a loved one.  With our minds clear on what matters most in life, we were ready to experience wonders God has made.

It was nearing time for lunch and we were hungry so we stopped in Meers Store & Restaurant and had one of their famous Meersburgers (yum!).  With full tummies, we meandered to Mt. Scott, which is on the eastern edge of the Wichita Mountains, stopping along the way to photograph whatever piqued our interest.  Once at the top of Mt. Scott, we snapped some great photos of the panoramic view, which isn’t too high for someone, like me, who is afraid of heights.  Moving on, we made our way to Medicine Park, which is rich with Oklahoma history and today is a quaint town.  There were ducks, waterfalls, frozen water, cute buildings and all sorts of things to observe.


As I walked around the Wichita Mountain area today, I tried to pay attention to the details of the little things, not just the majesty of the big and glorious things.  Today’s photo represents the wonder of those little things.  It is a portion of a fallen and quite weathered tree that I saw by the side of the road.  The intricate designs left in the wood over time look, to me, like the smooth neck of a bird and I see him looking at me and I see his beak.  I don’t fully understand how this handiwork is possible but I think it’s astounding.  What do you see? Remember you can click on the photo to see it in a larger size.

Here’s a link to a slideshow with more photos from our trip.


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