25|365 Look into the Mirror (1/29/11)

I played with my new camera today and Keith bought an Argus 75, produced between 1958 & 1964, for his vintage camera collection.  His camera is a twin lens reflex (TLR), which is a type of camera with two lenses. One takes the picture while the other is a viewfinder that has a 45-degree mirror (hence the word reflex).

Combining today’s efforts, here is a photo using my new camera, of the old, retired camera.  Does ‘retire’ count toward the ‘tired’ theme?  It does for me.


Now, I realize the project 365 is about posting only one photo a day but I think the viewfinder photo needs to accompany the photo of the camera because it helps you understand this type of camera.  Looking through the viewfinder, you can see what the image would be if we had film in the camera to take a picture.  Plus, you get to see the exquisite interior design of our garage.

Also of note: I think the temperature got up to 73 or so today, which is crazy for January in Oklahoma but don’t worry a winter storm is on its way.  I enjoyed being outside taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine, temperatures, learning my new camera and spending time with my Mom.  While Keith was out today he also bought some accessories for my new camera.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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