15|365 The Straws Have It (1/19/11)

As a kid I thought bendable straws were cool but I don’t think they were a common item in our house.  I recall using them more often when I was sick.  Undoubtedly Mom employed any tactic to get me to drink more liquids.  Somehow even today drinking from a flexible straw makes me feel happier.

With our kids, I tried to keep straws on hand for anytime use. These days my ‘kids’ are in college and we have these flexible straws needing attention. So I thought, what better use than to practice my macro photography on these colorful straws with their concertina-type hinge.


I keep the straws in a glass pull-up dispenser, which created some interesting distortions in the photo.  I found it somewhat challenging to get the image focused through the glass and get appropriate lighting.  Invented in 1937 here is “The Straight Truth About the Flexible Drinking Straw”.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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